• Dental Clinics in Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium)
• Social and Healthcare interface between the Flanders Region and the newcomer
• Sponsoring of Flemish cultural and artistic activities
• State of the art dental care, registered by the official Flemish Health Insurance Scheme (RIZIV)

A DENTAL CLINIC in Antwerp & Brussels

David HATZKEVICH graduated cum laude as a dental surgeon in 1996 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

In 1997 David HATZKEVICH opened his own dental surgery in Antwerp and in the following year he opened a second one in Brussels.

Both surgeries flourished beyond expectation what soon led to associations with high qualified fellow dentists.

That’s how the group DENTAL CLINICS emerged in Antwerp and¬†Brussels and of which David HATZKEVICH is the senior responsible.

At each surgery of DENTAL CLINICS all dental disciplines and specialties are practiced.

Dentist David HATZKEVICH consults on a daily basis both in Brussels and Antwerp.

As from 2008 David HATZKEVICH is also a trainer, recognized by the Ministry of Health, and supervises freshly graduated dentists who must absolve a year of internship.