• Dental Clinics in Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium)
• Social and Healthcare interface between the Flanders Region and the newcomer
• Sponsoring of Flemish cultural and artistic activities
• State of the art dental care, registered by the official Flemish Health Insurance Scheme (RIZIV)

Sponsored activities

Flanders-Dentistry is able to sponsor any Flemish cultural or artistic manifestation, which is not yet sponsored by someone else.

Exclusions to this exclusivity principle are cooperation agreements with public institutions. The purpose of sponsorship by Flanders-Dentistry is the promotion of Flemish art and culture, especially when it concerns young talent and cultural manifestations with limited exposure.

Flemish art and culture is considered to be any artistic and cultural expression which originates in Flanders, whose authors are Flemish talents, or which touch the Flemish sensitivity because of their theme.

Examples are :

  • drawings, paintings and sculptures, lithography and etchings, photography
  • poetry and literature
  • dance and music
  • theatre and singing
  • meetings or cultural reunions (themed discussions, conferences, visits to monuments, etc.)
  • development of our heritage