• Dental Clinics in Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium)
• Social and Healthcare interface between the Flanders Region and the newcomer
• Sponsoring of Flemish cultural and artistic activities
• State of the art dental care, registered by the official Flemish Health Insurance Scheme (RIZIV)

Welcome to Dental Clinics

Maybe it is because the land in which I was born has first of all metamorphosed and has eventually disappeared that I understand the phenomena which forms the driving force behind Flanders’ strive for autonomy.

Even though Belgium is not without merit, it is Flanders which has offered me so much, and it is my intention to reciprocate.

Flanders was at all times a serious, hard working and welcoming country.

The workforce needed today comes to a great extent from the ex-Soviet countries: these people often encounter difficulties in receiving care because of language barriers and financial obstacles.

At Dental Clinics we care for these people with a view to their acclimatisation to their future homeland, Flanders.

We take care that these patients develop into good Flemish citizens with good health.

But I would also like to make my contribution to the collective effort for the cultural and artistic promotion of Flemish art. On the page “SPONSORING” you can find our patronage programme with regard to these activities.

Dental Clinics is therefore not just at a crossroads between the East and West, but also on the axis between Flemish healthcare and Flemish cultural life.

It is indeed a privilege to be able to contribute to the social-economic development of our region by providing it with healthy manpower, but also by cooperating in the necessary cultural integration process of its populations, and, last but not least, to be able to improve the prestige of Flanders.

Dentist David HATZKEVICH